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March 13, 2020

With the Coronavirus making news headlines, we want to update you on how we’re monitoring the issue at First Baptist Christian School and explain the things we’re doing to keep your family safe. Above all else, we want to remember that we serve a sovereign God who instructs us not to live in a spirit of fear. God is good, He’s faithful, and we know that He’s still at work all around us.

Our administration is carefully monitoring the situation, and we want to be proactive in planning to serve our school and community in the days ahead. We encourage you to heed the advice of the CDC and the U.S. State Department travel watches, alerts, and warnings, and to take common-sense precautions in daily life.

What We’re Doing

According to the CDC, the simple and practical hygiene that prevents the transmission of other illnesses is just as effective at preventing the spread of coronavirus. Encourage your children to wash their hands well at every opportunity, and not to touch their face, eyes, nose and mouth.

Similar to other organizations across the nation, our faculty, staff and facilities team are implementing an extra layer of cleaning and sanitizing precautions on our campus. That includes increasing our cleaning schedules and procedures, frequently disinfecting commonly touched surfaces, and applying an extra layer of vigilance campus-wide.

In addition to instructing our students to change the way we greet and interact with each other at school, we will make organizational adjustments as necessary to cut down on interactions that would accidentally transmit germs. In simple terms, we want everyone to think “hand waves” or “air fives” instead of handshakes and hugs. It will be fun to see the creative greetings our students come up with over the next few weeks!

What It Means for You & Your Children

If you and your child are well and have not been in contact with someone who is ill, please participate fully in the regular school day and other activities. Spring is an exciting time in the life of our school, especially as we look forward to Easter and a new Senior Pastor, James Pritchard, at First Baptist Lafayette. All regular classes, instruction, activities, games, events and office hours are continuing as scheduled at this time.

If your child has a fever or becomes ill for any reason, he/she must stay home from school.  Please refer to our student handbook for guidance on absences, make-up work and policy for returning to school after an illness. Stay in touch with your child’s teacher(s). If your child, you or a family member have been in close contact with someone who has been ill please call the office with questions or concerns.

Updates on this situation will be posted on our school website as necessary. We will also post to our Facebook page so that you can keep up with what’s happening at First Baptist Christian School. We want to continue to help your child develop their God-given potential.

We will monitor the situation as it relates to trips, classroom and extracurricular activities, and other events, and will adjust or cancel activities as needed. Further efforts to adapt our programs, processes and deliver systems will be made if deemed necessary. Please keep your email address and phone numbers updated with the school office so that we can communicate with you effectively.

Help Us Love Our Community

One of the best ways to help us love our community during the spread of illness is simply to be a good neighbor. If you live beside or are in close contact with families who have high-risk individuals in their homes, reach out to see if they need anything. Maybe that means offering to pick up supplies on your next trip to the store or dropping off some food if they’re unable to get out. Simply look for ways that you can be salt and light in the coming weeks and commit to praying for our leaders, the church, the school, its faculty, students and administration, and our Acadiana community.

Of course, a great way to help our church, school and community is practicing common sense health routines yourself. Wash your hands regularly, use hand sanitizer after you touch shared surfaces, and stay home if you’re sick.

Let’s continue to presently a Godly witness to Acadiana and walk with God together in the days ahead. We’ll keep you updated should our schedules and plans change in the coming weeks.


Ray Swift, Administrator                                Susan Emerson, Principal

First Baptist Lafayette & FBCS                        First Baptist Christian School